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How Hoin Label Printer Connect to Dlabel Software

July 20, 2022

With the fast developments and sales of HOIN thermal label barcode printers, we have more and more customers asking how to use Hoin label printer with Dlabel application. Dlabel can provide us a free basic version printing. But how to connect the printer to print? Here following we have show how printer works with Dlabel on Windows, Android and IOS.

1)For Windows Computer:

1.1)Instal the Hoin Label printer driver, pls get driver from website link, and find Label Printer Driver and Download:

Shenzhen Hoin Electronic Technology Co;LTD (


1.2)Download Dlabel Application:


If you are a Chinese, Please log in:,  And if you want it show English like above picture, you can set to English on the right top side , then it will come to above English screen like above picture. (Pls note the website have captical letters inside. Or it will not be opened. )

Dlabel QR code.jpg

Or you can directly input: to download, and click the Windows(see the following picture), the Windows Dlabel application will download automatically. 

Dlabel Hoin.jpg

After the Dalbel download success, connect the printer USB to computer. After thermal label paper is correctly installed, it is recommended that you do the calibration operation before starting to print. How to Calibrate paper operation(take 4 inch Label printer as example):

In the power-off state, press the paper feed button and then turn on the power switch, keep press the feed button until you see the indicator light: pink flash--red light and pink light flash alternately, then you release the paper feed button. At this time the printer will automatically feed the paper to calibrate the paper, and when the automatic paper feeding stops,the calibration is completed. Now Printer can be used normally.


2) For Android and IOS  Phone or Tablet

Scan this following QR code to get Android or IOS Dlabel application. After you download, pls use Email to register, not use your phone to register.

Creat your own correct label size based on what you real paper size. Open your phone bluetooth and try to connect bluetooth printer for printing. How to connect bluetooth printer with Dlabel, you can check this link:

Dlabel 2 inch.jpg

Some Vedio for your checking:

1)3inch label printer how to Calibrate the paper :

2)How 78mm label printer connect to Windows Dlabel:

3)2 inch bluetooth label printer connect to IOS Dlabel app:

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