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We offer one year warranty. We provide technical support for all the time. 

Dear Customer:

In order for high quality and good service, Shenzhen Hoin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. makes the following commitments to you to protect your legal rights:

Hoin guarantees that all the machines have undergone multiple testing procedures to ensure that the products in your hands can be used normally. Please use Hoin products in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions.

Regarding the problems during one year warranty use, we make the following warranty commitments:

1 Product service period

From the date of your purchase (subject to the invoice date), we will provide you one-year  warranty service for printer failures caused by non-human reasons.

2 Circumstances that do not belong to the obligation of free warranty

(1) The whole machine or parts of Hoin have exceeded the warranty period.

(2) Failure or damage caused by incorrect or improper use, storage, maintenance or operation of the product in accordance with the requirements of the manual (for example: plugging and unplugging the data cable with electricity, destroying by human violence, etc.).

(3) Natural consumption, wear and aging of consumable materials (housing, connector parts, etc.).

(4) Failure or damage caused by repair, modification or disassembly by non-Hoin maintenance personnel. (The anti-disassembly label of the machine has disassembly marks, damage or loss)

(5) External equipment, non-Hoin factory installation; additional third-party products and parts and additional products and parts installed according to customer requirements.

(6) Due to accidental factors, human reasons, non-product-specified working environment, etc. (including bumps, scratches, high temperature/low temperature, too wet or dry, high altitude, abnormal physical pressure, battery interference, uncomfortable voltage , liquid injection, corrosion, improper plugging and unplugging, foreign objects falling, rodents, insects, etc.) cause failure and damage.

(7) Failures and damages caused by natural disasters and force majeure (such as earthquakes, fires, lightning, etc.).

(8) The user alters or replaces the logo and part number of Hongyin products without permission.

(9) Other failures or damages not caused by product design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other issues.

Printer Repair and maintenance

1. printer external and warehouse cleaning: please use a wet cloth gently wipe the printer surface and internal paper warehouse.

2. Printer core clean: printer core must be clean on time, especially the quality of printing is decline, cleaning methods are as follows: put cotton dipped in anhydrous alcohol and gently wipe the printer core ceramic parts as shown in the picture below until clean enough.

3.If find water inside printer, pls immediately disconnect the printer power, and dry the printer naturally.

Failure Analysis:

Failure phenomenon

Failure cause


Printer paper indicator and Error indicator flashing at same time,and make a Di Di... beep sound

Printer lack of paper

Install paper correctly

Printer error flashing and make a Di Di...beep sound

1.The printer head is too hot

2. The flip not closed well

1.Open the cover and dissipate heat fully then go on printing.

2. Cover the flip well

When the printer prints only paper run but not print

Print paper install reverse

Pls install the print paper for a  opposite direction

The printer print fuzzy

The print head not clean for a long time

Put cotton dipped in anhydrous alcohol and gently wipe the printer core ceramic parts until clean enough

The character colour in thermal paper no good

Pls choose high quality thermal paper

There is no response of printer

The power adaptor not connected

Pls check power adaptor is connected well or not,power switch is turn on or not

Printer can self test, but can not print online

Driver port selection error

Pls select the correct print driver port based on the actual connection port

Printer serial port does not print or print garbled

Bit rate slection error

Pls set the COM baud rate accoridng to the COM info on self check page


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